Jon Ruhl Band

Fort Worth, tx

I've been playing music in front of audiences large and small for as long as I can remember. From small piano recitals in Yazoo City, MS as a kid to Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble in Woodstock NY as a touring artist. Regardless of what else is happening in my life, music is always my anchoring point.  The creative process shapes the way I interact with the world, and my only goal as an artist is to inspire others to pursue their own avenues of creativity.

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Press photos

Photo Credit: Cara Merendino

Photo Credit: Hayley Gjertsen for Music City Music Magazine

Photo Credit: Janay Compton

Press / Reviews

Befitting someone whose life has tended toward the itinerant, Ruhl’s 11-track debut, recorded at Niles City Sound in Fort Worth, feels like a series of evocative dispatches from various corners of America — quite literally in the case of “Road Song.” His rough-hewn style underscores his appreciation for trailblazing troubadours like Jerry Jeff Walker and Guy Clark.” - Preston Jones - 91.7 KXT
I’d say the things that set me apart the most are the experiences I’ve had prior to pursuing a career in music. I left Mississippi at 17 to join the Navy, and I wound up as a combat medic in Afghanistan with the 2nd Marine Division. After that I became a legitimate alcoholic. Then I became a commercial diver and started working in the Gulf of Mexico. Always chasing the next thrill. Anything to make me feel “alive.” But after getting sober, I feel like my story is one about redemption and reinvention. The biggest struggle I’ve had as an artist is finding ways to make my unique experiences relatable. But I know it’s possible, and that struggle is what I enjoy the most about songwriting and self-expression.” - Jon Ruhl - Shoutout DFW
Ruhl’s first album can be divided into songs that are deep and light. Equally, they can be divided into literal and metaphorical songs. The songwriter is equally at home in both worlds, providing entertaining radio-friendly tunes and more poetic works that may be best enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home, where waves of nostalgia and tearful reminiscences can be felt without distraction.” - Edward Brown - Fort Worth Weekly